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Lyxar Jet Swim (Stainless Steel)
Lyxar Jet Swim (Stainless Steel)

Price : Rs. 177,891.00
( Per piece)

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    ABS jet swim
    A counter current unit is an effective way to put an end to a swimming pool that doesnt stimulate
    you in any way. A counter current unit produces the effect of an aquatic treadmill, using a powerful
    and adjustable jet of water. It allows you to swim against the fl ow to improve fi tness, eliminates
    turning at the end of the pool and can turn a small domestic pool into the equivalent of an endless
    lap pool.
    Pool turned into an Oasis of
    Relaxation and fi tness.
    Virtually convert your pool length to
    Make you swim all day and never
    touch the wall.
     Make you stay fit.
    Pool can be used for productive Walk,
    Jog, Swim or Massage

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