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Lyxar Jet Swim (Copper)
Lyxar Jet Swim (Copper)
ABS Jet Swim
ABS Jet Swim

Price : Rs. 152,500.00
( Per piece)

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    Lyxar Jet Swim Stainless Steel  

    Jet swim is the perfect accessory for exercise ,fitness and fun.With a Jet Swim installed in the pool the traning effect is that of a much larger pool. By swimming" on the spot" in the pool you can train and practise your swimming technique at the same time building up your strength and endurance.Jet Swim also functions as a massage and rehabilitating muscle trainer Ofcourse, the children also love to bathe in the invigorating ,bubbling current of water which can be varied in strength.


    LyxarJet swim (S.S)

    Jet Swim's Front and handle made of polished acid-proof stainless steel AISI304.For mounting in concrete, wood or building block walls.
    Water pump: Lyxar 2.2 KW
    Air mixture control
    Air mixture hose
    Valves (2PCS)
    Low tension's lights (2PCS)

    Technical Characteristics:

    Model-Lyxar Jet Swim (S.S)
    KW - SR300, 3HP.2.2KW
    V- 220V
    A -8.3
    L/Min- 1300
    PVC PIPE connection size-2"
    Material-JET:Stainless steel 316,PIPE:PVC,Motor:plastic&bronze&stainless steel


    Superior performance to both high and medium head installation in commercial spa pools.
    Materials used are non-corrosive
    Using NSK bearing
    Extremely quiet running
    Easy maintenance and repairs
    Voltage is 220V/50HZ
    Asynchronous, Two poles
    Class insulation: 130
    IPX5 Waterprood Standard
    Overload Protector
    Built in thermal protection

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