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Combo Pack
Combo Pack
Horizontal Sand Filter
Horizontal Sand Filter


Price : Rs. 160,000.00
( Per piece)

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    Protein Filter


    Protein Filter, is also known as foam fractionation. The purpose of a protein filter is to remove DOC's (dissolved organic compounds) from aquarium water. Thus improving the quality of the water. A protein filter is constructed in a tube or tower design, has a collection cup at the top, and in some cases a water return tube. The filter works by injecting massive, very fine air bubbles into the tube by means of using either air stones or a high pressure water pump and air valve. The rising air bubbles act as a lift in the tube, allowing the chemical compounds of the DOC's to attach to the bubbles and hitch a ride to the surface where they are captured in the collection cup and disposed.


    Model No. Matching pump Pump power(HP) Gross weight(kg)
    PL-300 STP075 0.75 40
    PL-500 MC150 1.5 60

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