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Protein Filter
Protein Filter
Commercial Sand Filter
Commercial Sand Filter


Price : Rs. 1,408,000.00
( Per piece)

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    Horizontal Fiberglass Sand Filters

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    LYXAR "H" Series Horizontal Fiberglass Sand Filter is constructed by the latest Engineering Technology. The improvement of flow ability provides an Ultra-pure water filtration. It is manufactured in a combined method of "bobbin winding" laminated.
    A special Gel Coat smooth finished with strong winding has extra strength and resistance to chemical and corrosives, which is the most recommendable equipment for the application of commercial pools, diving pools, water park and industrial water treatment.

    Features & Advantages

    100% factory test according to NSF50 standard and global standard.
    Man-hole in front for easy access and smaller footprint.
    3", 4", 6", 8" Flanged connection.
    Materials used are dependable and are suitable for all-weather performance.
    UV resistance surface allows the filter to work under direct sunlight.
    5-10 years life-time.

    Terms and Conditions*

    • 1) 50% advance payment.

    • 2) Delivery within 45 days, after receiving the payment.

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