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Commercial Sand Filter
Commercial Sand Filter
Side Mount Sand Filter
Side Mount Sand Filter


Price : Rs. 13,440.00
( Per piece)

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    Cartridge Filter

    High performance cartridge filters are a necessity for maintaining a clean and safe swimming environment for your family in your pool or spa. Contaminants and debris are collected in the fine fibers of the cartridge element pleats.The cartridge element is easily removed from the filter tank for periodic cleaning eliminating the need for back washing of the filtration system.

    Features & Advantages:

    Compact low profile UV resistant tank.
    Easy access to cartridge element via heavy duty lock ring.
    Auto pressure release preventing damage to pump and filter should filter become blocked.
    Quick connect 50mm barrel unions for ease of plumbing.
    Auto air bleed for removal of trapped air inside filter eliminating the need for manual beeding.
    No back washing of filter required.
    Suitable for all pools and spas, fresh or salt water.
    Quality oil filled pressure gauge for inspection of operating pressure.
    No additional powder additives to worry about

     Modal No.  Capacity     LPH
     CF25  10980
    CF50   13980
     CF75  16980
    CF100   19020
     CF150   24000

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