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Side Mount 2
Side Mount 2
Top Mount 2
Top Mount 2

Price : Rs. 12,800.00
( Per piece)

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    Side Mount 1.5"

    Multiport valves are designed for maximum performance and working pressures. Available in 1 ½ and 2 inch for top mount and side mount models. These valves feature a solid constructed of molded ABS mixed UV materials with heavy-duty plastic handles, PVC socket which permits leak-free solvent welds to PVC piping, which is purposed to top position of world standard by the strict quality controlling systems.

    Features & Advantages:

    • 100% water leak free,pressure and functional factory tasted.
    • Durable lever action handle.
    • Wear resistant rotor.
    • 6 position, positive-lock operation provides access to a full range of filtration.
    • Sight glass included (MPV’s).
    • SS316 Spring & Screw, Non-corrosive in Saltwater.
    • Oil pressure gauge included.
    • 3x Unions offered in imperial or Metric standard.
    • Low cost of spare parts.


     Filter: Normal Filtration and Vacuuming.
     Waste: By-passes filter, used for vacuuming to waste or lowering water level.
    Closed: shuts off all flow to filter or pool.
    Rinse: Use after backwash to flush dirt from valve.
     Recirculate: By-passes filter of circulating water to pool.
    Backwash: Cleaning filter by reversing the flow.

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