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Which above-ground pool is better - steel... stainless steel... panel or aluminum?

Usually, the best and easiest way to determine is by looking at the prices: The higher the price, the better the pool.
Stainless steel may be the best. But steel will be affected by chlorine and may rust eventually. Aluminum does not rust.
Aluminum by nature is very soft, unless it is an "alloy," which would make it too rigid for above-ground pool construction. Above-ground pools need a certain amount of flexibility to accommodate water movement and temperature changes.

Which pool is better - fiberglass or plaster?

Fiberglass is a good choice, and will last a lifetime but must be installed properly!

What chemicals are needed for a new swimming pool?

Most common is "tri-chloroisocyanuric" which contains both chlorine and stabilizer.
The products that we recommend include:Trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCA) &Sodium dichloroisocyanurate (SDIC).

Which is the better type of swimming pool “skimmer” or “overflow”?
Fixed skimmers are good for small bodies of water that don't have a surge tank. Performance of fixed skimmers will change depending on the height of the water. Overflow gutters don't. But if the body of water is large and you do have a surge tank then overflow would be better.

How do swimming pools work?
They are big rectangular pits. Pool water is strained, filtered, and chemically treated in its journey through the key equipment that conditions the water to clean, sparkling clarity so that People can swim in them.

I have a 18' round pool and I want to the liner needs changes, the pool is about 5 years old. Can you way to install anew liner with pro looking results?
Installation of the liner depends on the type of pool and the method of holding the liner in place. With an overlap liner, it is often necessary to dismantle the top rails/copings. The liner is then stretched out over the pool like a drum skin and centralized. water is then slowly run onto the liner causing it to sag. As the weight of water increases the liner is slowly and evenly lowered to the floor, and then carefully allowed to spread out ... evenly lowering the liner all the time. Once there is about 1 - 2 inches of water all over the floor of the pool the liner can be adjusted so that there are no wrinkles in the sides. The pool can then be filled and the top rails re-assembled.

How does freezing cold weather affect a fiberglass pool surface?

Fiberglass has tremendous flexibility, even greater than steel. Freezing (in the pool itself) also does not affect fiberglass pools. Pools here are winterized with pillows on the surface to prevent the cold area.It not only becomes part of your pool, but it moves with your pool during contraction and expansion. If you only want to swim during the hot months, then you don't need a heater. However, if you would like to extend your swimming season, you should consider a heater. A solar heating system can extend your swimming season a couple of months earlier and a couple of months later, but probably can't heat your pool year round.

Can weather conditions have an effect during the installation?

Yes. The pool wall temperature must be between 60 and 95 degrees while the resin and gel coat are being rolled on. Also, the work should not be attempted if there is a chance of rain within an hour. The resin and gel coat dry quickly but if it rains before that, the wet area will have gray spots. It is very important for indoor pools that the pool surface be at least 60°.

How much does it cost to fiberglass a swimming pool?
It depends on size and thetype of pool whether that is in-ground residential pools outdoor pool.

Why is my pump so noisy?

Pumps can be noisy due to many reasons. If it is a high pitched whine it may be a bearing or seal. Most pumps are louder when priming but if it is loud while pumping it may be caused by any of the following: pump too large for plumbing, air leaks in system, clogged or collapsed plumbing line.

Can I change the shape of my pool?

Yes, you can change the shape of your pool. In most cases, however, the more drastic the change in shape, the more it will cost. Most people choose to add new updated pool options such as new steps instead of a drastic change in the shape.

Can I run my pump without water?

Most swimming pool pumps should never be run without water in them. Doing so causes the pool pumps to overheat, potentially causing damage to the liquid end and burning out the seal.

How many hours per day should my pump operate?

Minimum 6Hrs.

What equipment do you need for a swimming pool?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of fiberglass pools ?

First of all, fiberglass pools are one of the easiest types of pool to install, some taking as little as 3 days to be fitted. The shape of your pool will be completely molded at the manufacturers, and then delivered to your home once a hole has been dug out for it to be placed in. Once delivered, it will be carefully lowered into the ground, and your pool is half way to completion, saving weeks of work.
Fiberglass pools are also smooth to the touch, and completely non-abrasive as opposed to concrete pools. This is down to the unique technology employed by fiberglass manufacturers. Most of us will have, at some point or another, suffered a graze, knock or bump at the hands of abrasive concrete pools. With fiberglass pools, this issue is no more, the finish feels luxurious next to your hands and legs as you get in and out, plus your children will thank you later as they will no longer have to worry about hurting themselves along the walls of the pool.
Fiberglass pools are also the easiest pools to maintain as the surface on the pools have a specially adapted non-porous coating, as well as a special gel coating, protecting from cracks and leaks. The coating combined with the non-porous materials means that algae and moldcannot grow as easily as it can in concrete pools, which will save you a lot of time and a lot of money when it comes to cleaning and taking care of your swimming pool.
And finally, Fiberglass Pools are also incredibly durable. They are perfectly suited for climates that jump from hot to cold, as they are incredibly durable and somewhat flexible. Temperature swings can often damage typical pool materials, but because fiberglass is quite flexible, it can move appropriately to suit the weather, meaning that they are less likely to be damaged, crack or leak, costing you extra repairs expenses.
Fiberglass pools really have very few disadvantages. The only notable disadvantage would have to be that fiberglass pools are limited when it comes to size and depth, however, most pool owners are amazed at how large fiberglass pools actually do go, and larger models are only required for specialized swimmers, such as divers. Apart from this, fiberglass pools are perfect for any home.

How often should I check the chemicals in the pool?

You have to check the quantity of chemical per day.

What kinds of diseases can I get from swimming in a pool or spa that does not maintain water quality?
Cryptosporidium is one the disease caused by poor quality of water.
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How to clean Algae from the pool?

1) Brush the walls and floor of the swimming pool to remove as much of the algae as possible. This will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to kill and clear the algae bloom.
2) Ensure that the pH level is within the range of 7.2 - 7.6. This will ensure that any chlorine added will work more efficiently - high pH levels in particular will impair the efficiency of the chlorine doing its job.With the pool filter system running, add a chlorine based swimming pool shock at the rate of 1 lb. per 7,500 gallons (or follow the pool shock manufacturer’s dosage suggestion for killing algae). The pool filter system should continue to run 24 hours a day
3) If the condition of the swimming pool does not significantly improve after 12-24 hours of filtering, add a second dose of chlorine pool shock at the increased rate. Repeat this process until the algae has been eliminated.
4) Once the algae is dead it will turn a white or grayish color, and it will be suspended in the pool water or settle to the floor. When there is no longer any sign of the color green in your pool, thoroughly vacuum the swimming pool. It is recommended that you vacuum dead algae to waste and not through filter.
5) The pool filter should be back washed or cleaned to be sure that dead algae is not trapped inside the filter. If the filter is not thoroughly cleaned the algae may quickly return.
6) Test and balance all of the pool chemical levels using the following guidelines. Free Chlorine: 1-3 ppm, pH: 7.2 – 7.6, Alkalinity: 80 – 120 ppm and Calcium Hardness: 200 – 350 ppm.
7) Begin adding an algaecide pool chemical on a weekly basis to prevent algae from returning.
8) Phosphates. To control algae you must first remove all phosphates from the pool water. First, get a phosphate test kit for a few dollars. If your phosphates are high, get a commercial strength phosphate remover that you can pour directly into pool. Let the filter and robot or manual vacuum remove the phosphate remover after 1 to days. You must clean your filter after this as the phosphates residue quickly clogs up the filter. Keep repeating this procedure until your phosphate test strips show no phosphates at all. This takes less time if you use the commercial strength you pour directly into pool. When the phosphates are down to zero, then shock the pool!.

What is the difference between a suction cleaner and robotic cleaner?

Suction Cleaner also Suction Sweeper. A Suction cleaner is a device that uses an air pump to create a partial vacuum to suck up dust and dirt, usually from floors, and optionally from other surfaces as well. The dirt is collected by either a dustbag or a cyclone for later disposal. Vacuum cleaners, which are used in homes as well as in industry, exist in a variety of sizes and models.

Robot Pool Cleaner does not attach to the pool's main filtering system, eliminating the need for hoses or a complex installation process. This feature also prolongs the filter's life. The Robot Pool Cleaner also stands apart due to its internal 2-micron filtering system, a unique feature that removes leaves, acorns, pine needles, sand, silt, algae and bacteria, reducing backwashing.
Simply adjust the spring-locked handle to determine the cleaning direction, immerse the automatic pool cleaner in the water and turn it on. It's that easy. Emptying the bag takes just seconds. The Robot Pool Cleaner comes ready to work right out of the box. No assembly, installation or extra parts are needed.

What we have to do for giving the impact of pool like endless pool?

You can use counter current jet swim.

What is the after sale service for Pipe less Filter?
5 Year Warranty

Is robotic pool cleaner clean the walls of pool also?


What is average dosage of TCCA-90 for a swimming pool?
250 gms daily in 1 lakh litre.

Is Chemical dispenser useful for dosing chemical in the form of granual in pool?

1) Whether the models LY010202N are air inflatable or free standing ones.

Inflatable Pool

2) Material of construction of the Pool.


3) Whetherportable pool comes as a single structure/unit or as a joining unit which can be dismantled after use.
The above ground pool comes in proper kit so that you can fold it or dismantle it as per your convenience.

4) Guarantee/Warrantee of the above ground pool structure and equipment’s


Whether Ozonator is required for purification?

Yes, Ozonatorwill allow you to purify water.Ozonated Water is one of the most wonderful substances known to mankind.Ozonation water purification systems create Ozone with something called an Ozone Generator. The Ozone that has now been created inside the Ozone generator is then sent through a line into a diffuser, which creates ozone-saturated bubbles. Water is drawn in to mix with the bubbles, and then fed into the water purification tank. The weak Oxygen molecule in the Ozone attaches to other organic molecules in the water and oxidizing them. In effect - the Ozone "eat's 'em up" and Viola! Clean, fresh, purified drinking water.

Which is the better type of swimming pool skimmer or overflow?
Fixed skimmers are good for small bodies of water that don't have a surge tank. Performance of fixed skimmers will change depending on the height of the water. Overflow gutters don't. But if the body of water is large and you do have a surge tank then overflow would be better.

How does a pool vacuum work?
A pool vacuum works by using the suction from your pool pump. Once the vacuum is connected to the pump, usually through a connection in your pool's skimmer (a separate compartment next to your pool), debris is pulled through the vacuum hose to the filter where it is removed from the water.
Pool vacuums are primarily designed to clean only the bottom of the pool. For this reason, it is important to brush the sides. This way the debris and algae can fall to the bottom where they can be vacuumed.

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