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Inline Chemical Feeder
Inline Chemical Feeder

ITEM: L-600
Price : Rs. 9,760.00
( Per piece)

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    Dosing Pump

    The LYXAR L-600 Series Dosing pump is designed to inject chemicals into piping systems.All models are equipped with a side mounted mechanical flow rate adjustment knob.Optional on/off eye ling timers are available.


    Double-ball ceramic check valves.
    PVDF(Kynar) valve assemblies.
    Viton o-rings.
    High outlet pressure capability of 125 PSI.
    Easy access,side mounted mechanical feed rate adjustment.
    Ball bearing supported motor drive shaft.
    Permanently lubricated ball bearing motor.
    27:1 adjustment turn down ratio.
    Easy servicing.
    Includes suction tube, foot valve & strainer,suction tube weight, suction tubing, discharge tubing and injection fitting with internal back-flow check valve and mounting hardware.

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